Friends of St. Nicholas Park

Welcome to the website for the Friends of St. Nicholas Park.

The Friends of St Nicholas Park are an organisation open to anyone who is interested in St Nicholas Park and who broadly agrees with the aims and philosophy stated below.

The aims of the group are:

- To improve, conserve, support and protect St Nicholas Park for the benefit of all, working in partnership with our local Councillors, Council Officers, Contractors, Traders and Service Providers.

- To act as a voice for the local people, residents and users of the park.

- To encourage and support full participation from the wide users of the park.

- To raise awareness regarding developments and plans that may affect St Nicholas Park.

- To apply the above aims within a peaceful, non-profit making and in an apolitical way.

Click here for the Friends of St. Nicholas Park Membership Form
Annual Membership costs £1.00 per person or £3.00 per family.

Next Event in the Park:

Warwick Regatta

18th August 2018

Warwick Boat Club hosts the 30th Anniversary Warwick Regatta.

The event has been held by Warwick Boat Club on the River Avon, with the picturesque setting of Warwick Castle as the backdrop, every year since 1988 following the reformation of the Rowing section in 1987 and attracts hundreds of crews from around the country.

Novices, juniors, seniors and veterans race along the 500m sprint course through St Nicholas Park and Myton fields, with special races designed for beginner crews too.

The event is free to watch, attracting hundreds of spectators each year.

For more information contact or visit

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Become a Member

Our organisation provides a local forum for the community to offer their views on the management of St. Nicholas Park and Myton Fields. Membership ranges from £1.00 per person to £3.00 per family for an annual subscription.

Our membership form can be found on the website, or you can contact us on the details below.

2017 AGM

The 2017 AGM for the Friends of St Nicholas Park was held on the 4th June at Pickard Street Community Centre. Minutes for the AGM will be available and online shortly.

Contact us

   Like us on facebook to receive updates on times and locations of meetings and events in the park. You can also become a friend of the park by downloading and completing the membership form above. Please contact us via the email address below:

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